Timeline of Heroin Binge

by nat213

1. Anticipation – Call is made to dealer and meeting point arranged
2. Disappointment – when realizing the dealer is going to turn up whenever the hell he wants and there’s nothing you can do about it
3. Almost Painful Amounts of Anticipation – the drugs are procured and you are waiting for a suitable opportunity (read: toilet) to use
4. Initial High – endorphin bath, the world is beautiful, there is nothing you can’t do, no fear, no worry
5. Chasing Initial High – doing more hoping to get the initial rush back, which doesn’t work but makes sure the effects last a long time
6. Annoying Physical Impairments – inability to piss, defecate, ejaculate etc.
7. Annoying Mental Impairments – clumsyness, inability to concentrate, confusion
8. Full blown reality dissipation – The heroin world is now more real than the real world. You think you are behaving normally but you are not
9. Decision to Come Down – this is made while high and the enormity of it does not register due to mental confusion previously mentioned
10. Heroin begins to leave the system – less mental confusion now but more depression
11. Heroin Rapidly Leaving System – the world is a cold dark place, everything is ugly and my life is pointless. The 5 stages of grief begin with denial and depression
12. Why cant everyone leave me alone?? Stage 3: Anger
13. Huge, toilet destroying turds
14. Return of appetite
15. Realization that reality is not that bad and there are things to live for, stage 5: Acceptance (NB. I skipped ‘Bargaining’ as it has no relevance)
16. Gratitude that all heroin is now out of system combined with the deluded belief that it will never happen again