On Ruby Moon

by nat213

‘Hard work good. Hard work fine. But first take care of head’
(Sublime – ‘Smoke Two Joints’)

I grew up in a very conservative area in England known as the ‘Home Counties’.
So called because these counties contain beautiful towns and villages near enough for people to commute to London.  Amid the little delis, boutiques and luxury car dealers there was a mysterious cave of a place called ‘Ruby Moon’.
It was a head shop.
I had never exeperienced anything like it before. It was the days when fresh magic mushrooms were legal and the caps I bought from them changed my life. What follows is a short tribute I wrote for their ‘Google Maps’ page:

Ruby Moon is an incense-smoked Aladdin’s Cave of status-quo destroying items and books.
Not so much as shop as an Oracle,a teacher of rebellion and mystery. A degree from the University of Ruby Moon is a degree in free-thinking.
When I was just another puffed-chest rich kid,it gave me a syntax through which I could express my dissatisfaction and alienation.It provided a language for my peers and I to express our growing contempt for the world of fast cars, big houses and fake tits.
It facilitated us to go through our own sexual and psychedelic revolution: teenagers tearing down the walls of government-issue reality and experiencing vibrancy and meaning beyond what brands you wear or how much money you have.
It fed the embryo of my future self so now I can look back with those images ringing in my mind as if they were yesterday and say, thank you Ruby Moon! You showed me the way to the rabbit hole.