New Confession, New Poem

by nat213

Dear Readers

It’s been delightful to know you how much you have enjoyed this heroin blog and it has been
wonderful reading your comments.

And I have some good news…

I just started working on a new post today.

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It feels good to know that people enjoy what I write – after all, that’s why I do it.

Soon I will have these posts and more collated into an ebook which will be for sale on Amazon.
I might even source stories from some of my friends who write addiction blogs …. hmmm… but I’m just thinking aloud now.

In the meantime, here is a poem about a close friend of mine who recently got clean:

Tom’s Room

In Tom’s room
there are two huge speakers
like sentinels
and only the dust dances
in scraps of daylight
that pierce black cloth
pinned to the windows.

In Tom’s room
the only food is the crumbs
that lie on bare floorboards
in filthy corners.
The fridge contains
one piece of pitta bread
hard as a plate.

In Tom’s room
he sits sad-eyed and sooty-fingered
face lit blue by computer screen,
smells like old mushrooms
and dry tobacco,
blackened spoons.

They tore everything

Drapes ripped from windows
resurgent sun dispersed fug
and the air was fresh again,
you could fill your lungs with it
and release a sigh
like dew’s steam at dawn.

He shields his eyes from the fierce sun.
the seaside breeze
tussles with new curtains,
catches the last particles of shed skin
the last ashes from the last cigarette
until everything is