by nat213

So here’s an article I wrote about stealing and its relationship to my addiction:

I have been experimenting with a collage method of writing poetry where you take words and phrases from your environment and arrange them as sentences in a poem alongside some minimal, imagist descriptions.

The point is to try and capture the essence of a thing or a place (or a coffee shop) without resorting to long descriptions about how the light on the flowers on the table reminds you of the rich scent of that cup of coffee you had in Paris with your lover who died… or, you know, whatever.

Collage of a Czech Coffee Shop

Lavazza and laughter

Chocolate Dolphin:
Noir Lavande

Product of

Framed photographs
and candles
in glass bowls

Bewitched, bewitched
you got me in your spell

There will be new posts coming this week. Thanks for sticking around, readers, much love x