A Personal Message

by nat213

by Steve Raymer

by Steve Raymer


I’ve now decided to go the traditional publishing route for now and try and find an agent. We’ll see how that goes.


Hello all

First off, I want to thank you for reading and supporting this blog. It’s been quite a few years now and the messages and encouragement has really helped me define a new career for myself as writer. It’s really helped my confidence.

Right now, I am writing a full blown memoir. The whole story, from beginning to end. It begins when I first start taking heroin, goes through my addiction, falling in love, going rehab, leaving rehab and relapsing.

I don’t have an agent or publisher. I am living with my parents while I write this so I can devote time to the project without having to worry about meeting the rent. I barely go out. I scrape by.

And that’s fine. I get a lot of satisfaction from pursuing something I have wanted to do since I was a kid. But at some point I am going to want to publish it.

So I am considering starting a Crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help me finish, edit, design, print and distribute the book.

I am just considering it now. The biggest hurdle is getting the word out there to enough people. I know this blog gets around 2000 hits a month so I’d like to know how many of you would be interested in supporting me personally by donating and helping promote a crowdfunding campaign.

If you feel like you’d like to help with this project please say so in the comments below. Don’t worry it’s not a comittment, I’m not going to show up with a lawyer – I just want to gauge interest

Thanks again for reading and commenting. It really has meant a lot.

Many thanks