Notes From a Binge and My Debut Poetry Collection

by nat213



Hey. My debut poetry collection is out soon. Here’s a poem that didn’t quite make the final cut but I wanted to put it out there anyway. Thanks for reading and check back here for updates. I will let readers here know as soon as it is available on Amazon. I hope you can support me in making this big step. Many thanks for reading. 


Notes From a Binge


London Underground smells of oil and flesh –

people like iron fillings around magnetic trains.


I’m obsessed with urinating.

Back home, at the toilet, squeezing treacherous bladder, wring it dry.

I know it is holding liquid back.


Collections of itches

around my chest, abdomen

and particularly the backs of knees.


Smoothed foil. Black-blob leaves slug-like trails…

Smoke in foil tube.

Suck it like a loving whore.

Turning the taste in hungry mouth…

starlight and mulled spices.


Sleep in solid lumps.

10 minute mini-comas.

Like constipated bowel movements.

Eyes close,

the finality of church doors,