I Reveal My Identity and Poetry Book!

by nat213

nathan poems1b

-Cover art by Conrad Keeley

Thanks everyone for reading and following my blog over the years. I never was careful about hiding my identity. Most people found me if they wanted to. But now I’m revealing it all so I can you  know about my poetry collection and, eventually, my memoir.

I’ve been clean for over three years and completely sober for one. My drug-fueled life is a deep, deep part of me but also one that doesn’t exit any more. Nor is it likely to exist again. So I don’t mind people knowing about my rotten past.

And to anyone who wants to stop. It is possible. It’s really hard but worth it. Life can be unimaginably wonderful without drugs, trust me.



Nathan A. Thompson uses the sights, sounds and smells of his London to create beautiful poetry with the same apparent ease that the city’s other great troubadours – like Shane MacGowan or Joe Strummer – mined her back alleys, pubs and council estates for timeless music and lyrics.  I TAKE NOTHING STRONG, ONLY LIGHTNING is a truly beautiful collection.

– Tony O’Niell (New York Times bestselling author)

The poems found within “I Take Nothing Strong, Only Lightning” are like a sensory journey through drug fuelled nights on loveless London streets, to lonely walks through country thoroughfares, with the romantic tones of a broken heart, and the encapsulation of one man’s need to die in order to be reborn, these enchanting poems have it all, a pleasure to read indeed! 

 – Chester P (Rapper – Taskforce)

Through the open skylight, come planes of contemporary light, the crackscape, city scape of modern Britain smoking away…
Nathan’s verse is lost and found somewhere between tradition and the new. From corruption of the soul to redemption in the flesh, his words flitter between total hopeless abandon of the self in the prison of our time and meditation on the simple natural things which promise salvation. And the journey from urban decay to rural inspiration seems a good plan, but he offers no escape, just the gentle lull of the in between.

– Shane Levene (Author of Memoirs of a Heroinhead)


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